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Becoming Superhuman Daily Notepad

Becoming Superhuman Daily Notepad

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A custom daily tool to help you accomplish your top priorities and stay organized every single day.

No cover. No friction. A system simple enough to actually stick to.

Key features:
  • Identify and stick to your daily Most Important Tasks (MITs). You can have a maximum of 3 MITs per day.
  • Ask yourself: "what will my future self thank me for?" and identify any personal MITs you want to make time for.
  • Differentiate your MITs from your Least Important Tasks (LITs) and other to-do's.
  • Plan out your Focus Sprints and Brain Breaks. Remember, we work best by alternating between sprinting and resting, not constantly working at medium capacity.
  • Record interruptive tasks and ideas that come up in the Parking Lot
Prevent burnout by bringing an end back to your day:
  • When your workday is over, rip out the page and throw it away to cognitively close out the day and come back to a clean slate tomorrow morning. 

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